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Included below are comments from elementary teachers from our current and previous programs..
Left: Jessica, Marissa, Alyssa, with their BUDDY students.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

School BHS Students Comments
  • Holly, Lauren, Julia, Victoria
"The girls did a great job!! All of my students were engaged in their presentation! Sometimes students closer to their age make a bigger impact than adults and the D.A.R.E. program. Thanks for sharing these girls with us!"

"The girls did wonderful, they had a captive audience and the 6th graders were engaged, I only wish they had the glasses with them as that was a highlight last year. The girls were professional in their presentations and were well prepared..."

"The group of girls that did our presentation were great..."

  • Zac, Ryan

"The two boys who came to my class, Ryan and Zac, did a good job. My students were attentive and were asking them questions... I love the part about ways to say no. That's super important. Thank you for letting your students come to my class!"


  • Hailey, Nicolette, Kristyna
"Thank you; the students were AWESOME!!!!"
  • Yazzill, Mary, Raquel
  • Alyssa, Jessica, Marissa
"The girls were well spoken, well prepared and VERY engaging! The students absolutely LOVED the presentation and learned a lot from it! It was PERFECT, as it correlated so well with our DARE program!!THANKS AGAIN!"
  • Ashley, Carrigan, Calie
"Thank you so much again for running this program. Your students were helpful, responsible, knowledgeable and appropriate. I always appreciate the opportunity to work with other U-46 schools."
  • Hailey, Megan
"The girls did an outstanding job! Thank you for the opportunity. I believe the kids got a lot out it. We also had an chance for several kids to try the goggle and they loved that experience. Overall, it was a positive experience and you should be proud of Megan and Hailey. Thank you"

"Megan and Hailey did a fantastic job yesterday! We enjoyed the program and learned a lot."

Oakhill "Hailey and Megan were wonderful! They kept the students engaged and answered any questions students asked. I could really tell they put their best effort and preparation into their presentation. Thanks for visiting..."
  • Rob, Emaan
"Rob and Emann had an nice powerpoint presentation and did take some questions throughout. My students struggle with vocabulary, and the presenters did a nice job of making it at my students' level... Thank you again for allowing them to come. I would be interested in doing this again next year. Our school doesn't have the DARE program, so this BUDDY presentation allowed me the opportunity to have a discussion about alcohol and drug use with my students. Thank you again."
  • Brianna, Ivory, Kaya
"..things went well. The kids really enjoyed the personal stories the girls shared, and had a lot of fun wearing the goggles. Thank you..."
  • Patrick, David S, David J
  • Neil, Bhavik
  • Rachel, Angela
From a teacher: "We also had an chance for several kids to try the goggle and they loved that experience...
Thank you"
Lords Park
  • Brianna, Ivory, Kaya
  • Ashley, Carrigan, Calie
  • Alyssa, Jessica, Marissa
  • Yazzill, Mary, Raquel
"Mary, Yazzill, and Raquel were great! They were professional, on time, friendly to all the kids and engaging. They were prepared as well. Thanks."

Thursday, November 10, 2016



  • Sam A, Frank B
"...They were great!! ... I have no feedback for improvement! :/ They interacted well with the students!"

" The students did a good job - my students were engaged throughout the program"

Fox Meadow
  • Kelly E, Andie S, Kasia O
"The girls were fantastic! All 32 of my kids were engaged the entire time. They girls spoke clearly, had great volume and were open and honest with them the entire time. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

Hawk Hollow

  • Emily H, Alex I, Karol P, Matteo J
"The students did a fine job in our classroom. My students really got a lot out of the presentation and also appreciated the Q/A and discussion sessions. It's wonderful that young adults take the time to reach out and, hopefully, help younger students make good decisions in the future. It was wonderful to see these students doing something outside the box but good for other students to hear. They did a great job and my students were delighted - and I think they learned something." "...They went table to table interacting with the kids really well."
Otter Creek 6th Grades
  • Briana G, Elizabeth D
"Elizabeth and Briana did a wonderful job... They both spoke very well and answered questions from the students. Its always good to hear from students who help promote healthy life style."
Otter Creek 5th Grades
  • Brooke P, Renee M
"I thought the girls did an excellent job in our 5th grade classroom here at Otter Creek! They were timely, well prepared and well spoken! The kids really enjoyed their presentation! Thank you for sharing them! :)"

"Brooke and Renee were personable and engaging with my students. They presented the information with enthusiasm and students responded to their questions when asked. My students liked the presentation and the comic strip activity. I believe the information was valuable especially since we no longer have the DARE program. The ladies were well prepared. Thank you for the offering."

  • Ricky G, Sam M, Kirstin O
"Overall they did a great job and gave my students lots of important information. The videos were all great."
"They did a great job!"
Spring Trail
  • Shannon K, Megan R, Julia W
"The girls did a fantastic job! They were confident and clear. Their presentation was smooth, too."

"I was very impressed with all 3 of the ladies that presented in my classroom today. They all had an active part in the presentation, and the students benefited from the time they were in my room. They were confident in the message they were sharing with the students and took the presentation seriously. Thank you for allowing them to share their information with my students."

Lord's Park
  • Samantha M, Kelly S, John D, Jake F
"Excellent presentation! The seniors exhibited patience and teamwork during their slide show. They were knowledgeable about their topic and handled 5th graders questions in a responsible way.
Thank you for the opportunity to share this..."
  • Mauricio S, Nick M, Eddie E, Prince W
"You have sent us some very polite and attentive boys. I have them scheduled for a time this afternoon and asked stopped them in the hallway to ask them if they would consider changing from 1:00 to 12:30. They were enthusiastic, polite, and all four of them made wonderful eye contact."
Ron O'Neal
  • Afnan A, Elisabeth G, Brandon Z
  • Nida A, Jessica P, Morgan B, Neal P
"I loved having them in my class! They were very polite and good role models for my students. Their presentation was great. They answered every question and they were very kind and patience. The activity with the goggles was fun and engaging!
I wish they could come often. My students are exposed to alcohol and drugs at their family environment... it is very helpful and supportive to have other students to talk to them about this issue. Also...they need to know how to make good choices when they go to middle school. If you have more opportunities like this, I would like to have your students visiting my class again. Thank you so much,"

"Overall students did a great job. They engaged my class and were very open to answering questions and receiving comments."

Hanover Countryside
  • Jared B, Peter F, Raul L, Chris R
"The students in my classroom, Jared, Raul, and Chris; did a really good job presenting to my class. I have a group of very shy students who do not share easily with people they do not know and some students were participating and giving answers. Having the PowerPoint and videos helped students get a better understanding of the concept.
My students really liked seeing some high school students in the classroom. My students who are in band or are interested in music made a connections with Jared as he is in the school band, as well as Raul as he is in a mariachi band."
  • Elisabeth D, Briana G
"The young ladies that visited Ontarioville were great. They were prepared, presented themselves professionally, and their slides were informative.
Thank you so much for having the students host a great program."
  • Andrea J, Omar O, Juliet R
"The students presented themselves as exceptional role models. Through their words and reactions it is evident they take their role as students seriously. They were generous and gracious with their time--answering question after question... I applaud the program, and know how devastating alcohol is to so very many people..."
  • Amaan A, Vince C, Anthony N, Sean P, Alondra Y, Mayra D
"They were respectful and prepared!"

"The goggle experiment was awesome. These students were well spoken, respectful, and knowledgeable. Thank you."

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

School BHS Students Comments
  • Alexis A, Justin B, Chris W, Danny C, Joe M,
  • Tushar S, Alexie L, Pricha P, Aman T
  • Karolina b, Sean D, Matt K, Ryan G,
  • Ajanetta, Xochitl, Indra, Viviana
"Your students did a great job. They were flexible and adjusted nicely when our projector burnt out in the middle of their presentation. :-( "

"Hi, your kids did a great job. They were very professional and confident presenters. Our kids really enjoyed having the older kids here. Your students took the time to answer the sixth graders' questions and listen to their comments. We would be happy to participate again next year."

  • Sofia A, Meagan C, Nina F, Rosa S
"Your team of 4 students is in my class right now. They are doing very well. I appreciate the fact that they demand respect! An example of this is when [one of your students] asked my kids a question and reminded them to raise their hands! They are clear and with proper voice level. I appreciate the level of knowledge they have on the topic at hand.
Very well done!"
  • Dan B,
  • Mariah M, Niko M, Joe M, Matt V, Charlie W,
  • Tushar S, Alexie L, Pricha P, Aman T
"...They did a great job. The students liked the presentation...The only suggestion I would have is to be louder so they don't lose the student's interest. Otherwise they were awesome! The students enjoyed the fact that everyone was able to try on the Drunk Goggles. Thanks for letting us participate."
  • Paige K, Michael C
"The students who were here...were friendly and organized. They were waiting quietly until they presented in the afternoon. They were engaging in that they used good eye contact and answered questions...They were both very kind and polite. Thanks again for allowing them to come."
  • Tonia H, Olivia M, Rosario S, Viviana H,
  • Emma M, Emily O, Dani R, Corinna T,
  • Matt B, Steph B, Carla M, Mary Z
"Everything was great, they were here on time, prepared, the power point presentation very good, video, explanations, etc... A+ Thank you so much."

"The students were very knowledgeable in the subject manner of the BUDDY presentation. They were very polite and were able to answer all the questions the students had. Thank you very much for having them come to our school."

  • Kirstie L,
  • McKenna W,
  • Monica M,
  • Nick T
"My students and I felt that their presentation was exceptional. (A+++++)  It was well organized, entertaining, revealed hard core facts, and informative. Thank you so much!"
  • Drake C, Tim G, Tyler K, Daniel P
From Huff: "The students enjoyed the fact that everyone was able to try on the Drunk Goggles. Thanks for letting us participate."

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

School BHS Students Comments
  • Tyler Green
  • Isaiah Williams
  • Sam Desch
  • Daniel Andreuccetti
"Again thank you for the opportunity that you provided your students and mine. All of the presenters ... did a wonderful job of getting the very pertinent message across to our 6th graders. They were all very well prepared for their presentation and everything went off without a hitch ... it was a treat to see how my past students have grown in only a short amount of time. Thank you..."
Ron O'Neal
  • Neal Shah
  • Neel Patel
  • Sahil Butani
  • AJ Vyas


  • Maddie S
  • Ashley B
"I thought it was great. My kids very focused and thought it was great. so much knowledge and the kids did great with my class. Thanks again and I always love to have teens talk to my class. It means more coming from them."

"My presenters were great! Tell them to speak a little louder, but the class really enjoyed them.
Thank you!"

"They did a great job! "

"They a nice job on the presentation and the students thoroughly enjoyed it."

"It was really a pleasure for me and for my students to have Ashley... and Maddy ... in our classroom. They made a fabulous presentation about alcohol."

Bartlett Elementary
  • Alyssa Nowak
  • Stephanie Mitchell
  • Katie Scott
  • Lauren Matan
  • Izzy Regalado
"Thank you for sending such an impressive group of young ladies to present in 6th grade today!... [They] did a fantastic job with my class! They were very organized, engaging and enthusiastic---the 6th graders gave them 2 thumbs way up and 5 stars....

 This was one of the best presentations I've seen in all of the years we've participated in the program. Thanks again!"

  • Anna G
  • Chris M
  • Alex O
  • GOGGLES crew: Chris M, Katy P.
"Great Job!!!!  ....The demo with the goggles was very eye opening for the kids. Kids thought it was funny, so it was good to go over dangers! And show a connection of someone who lives close to us that died from alcohol at NIU which is where some of my kids want to attend college. Loved the 50 things you can do instead of drinking!!!
  • Anna G
  • Chris M
  • Alex O
"They were great! The quality of the presentation was well organized and contained a lot of good information. The HS students did a great job with presentation skills and responded really well to all student questions. Thanks for offering the program!"

"Your kids did great- thanks for sending them."

Hanover Countryside
  • Tristan C
  • Shiv J
  • Kyle S
  • Josh M

"The boys were great! They worked well together. They were well-versed, and very focused. They took a couple questions at the end about their life/thoughts about school and I think their honest answers will have an impact on my students. I look forward to The BUDDY program's return next year! Thank you..."
  • Maddie S
  • Ashley B

"It went well. The girls did a nice presentation... thank you having them visit our class. I know my class learned a lot."
Spring Trail
  • Mike Prang
  • Andrew Gilleran
  • Pat Gallanis
  • Jake Smith

"Thank you for sending 4 of your students to my classroom today to present. They all did an excellent job. They were on time, related well with the students, and all participated in the delivery of the presentation. It was a very positive experience."
Otter Creek
  • Brahmmi P
  • Shreya C
  • Ria G
  • Lili L

"Great job today, the students really enjoyed the presentation and video! Thank you!"
Lord's Park
  • Adam Bahena
  • Amanda Kurowski
  • Yasmin Medrano


"...our students enjoyed it as usual... Thank you for offering this to our students. We are especially grateful because we haven't had DARE for many years now..."

"They did a great job presenting, and I know my kids always like it when the older kids come. It's a wonderful program!"

Fox Meadow
  • Gianna C
  • Abi G
  • Elijah C
  • Migali A
  • Leslie D
"Their introductions were great and fun for the kids and myself. The power point was clear and easy to see. Thanks again...for including us on your list. I know my students really enjoyed it and learned tons!"
  • Manny Marin
  • Dave Nunez
  • Sofia Alfaro
  • Diego Gomez
  • Daniel Flores
"They were well prepared and our students said they recommend that this presentation be given to future 5th grade classes. The visuals and the interaction helped make it a lively presentation. Although there were several vocabulary words on the slides our 5th graders weren't familiar with, it helped when the high school students explained their meaning.  Thank-You   Please keep us mind for future presentations."

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

School BHS Students Comments
  • Kylie
  • Ryan
  • Naomi
  • CJ
"The students that presented the BUDDY program were excellent.  My students enjoyed the program and learned very helpful information about under age drinking.   I could tell that they had prepared for their presentation and seemed motivated to present.  The videos, power points were great and informative.  
I had Ryan in 6th grade for science.  It was so good to see him and  learn that he is moving on to college!"
  • Michael R
  • Taylor D
  • Lexi C
"Your students, Taylor, Michael, and Lexi did a wonderful job presenting the information to our 5th grade students today.  I thought their organization and the content of the presentation was done in a thoughtful manner.  All three students spoke clearly and loud enough for everyone to understand.  Thanks for bringing this program to our students at Willard."
  • Michael, Taylor, Lexi
"We felt the program was nicely done with the PowerPoint and the video.  Your students did a wonderful job at the pacing and trying to engage the students to respond to questions...very nicely done."
  • Paige V
  • Sara P
  • Kristen S

Goggle guys:

  • Brandon K
  • Kevin J
"Your kids were great!  They presented a lot of good information.  I think they went through it at a good pace.  The students liked the drunk goggles.  Thanks for sending them!"

"Thank you for sending the students to reinforce the DARE program that my students took in 5th grade.I have to say these girls that presented today were spectacular! Well spoken, clear and prepared! Maybe the best group yet to visit Heritage! The boys added in when it came to the "goggle" section. High marks for all when It comes to my presenters!"

  • Danielle W
  • Logan R
  • Lizzy M
  • Sammy K
"Your BUDDY students at Oakhill today were wonderful! They took the time to answer my students questions and rewarded them when they answered. One of the girls even took time out to talk to one of my students who was upset about [an alcohol problem in a family she knows].  Thank you for sending them. The kids in my class really need to see good role models in their life."
  • Jasmin P

  • Ridha I

  • Jasmine M

  • Roselina B

  • Pablo G

"The students did well presenting. My students enjoyed the presentation as well as the cartoon activity...All in all, my class was very happy to have participated in the BUDDY program and were happy to get the chance to present their cartoons to the rest of the class. Thank you!"
  • Jasmin P

  • Ridha I

  • Jasmine M

  • Roselina B

  • Pablo G

"They did a fantastic job!"


  • Katy P
  • Karen H
  • Jacqueline E
  • Aundreya M
"The students did a fantastic job! My students were engaged and learned a lot from the girls! Thanks for having them come to Channing."

"I just wanted to let you know that your students were here to present to my class this morning at Channing.  I had my students write about the presentation and the words they used were:  amazing, cool, awesome, informational, etc.  They all mentioned things that they learned from the presentation including the fact that there could be long lasting effects as well as death.  Also they learned about how adults could be in trouble for giving liquor to minors and the consequences for all involved.  I think that it really pointed out to them what REAL friends are and how they need them and need to be real friends to others.  I think this was an eye-opener to many of my students.  I am hoping that this will be something that they remember in the future.  Thank you for allowing your students to come to Channing.  They were very well prepared and interacted with the students in such a way that they students were truly engaged the whole time.   They did not talk down to them, but showing that they cared about them.  Great Job!!"

  • Mustaba A
  • Zan S
  • Michael R
"WOW! These students did an incredible job! They were articulate, well-rehearsed, and showed enthusiasm for the subject. They were GREAT with the students, engaging, and respectful. Michael did very well with the technical aspects, and Zan and Mujtaba were great with the presentation... What a great group of students! Thank you so much for that opportunity to have a great and important discussion."
  • Joey H
  • John S
  • Jean O
  • Nate N     and
  • Paige V
  • Sara P
  • Kristen S
"I really liked how they did not just read the power point to the kids but they also added and explained to the students what the slides were saying. I also like how they interacted with each other to get the kids involved in the conversation. They were fast on their feet when they tried to play the video and it did not work the first time (great problem solving skills!)."

"The girls were MARVELOUS. They introduced themselves and paced it very well. They allowed for both questions and students concerns. I will be more than happy to allow the program into the classroom next year!"

  • Marcus S
  • Nick B
  • Steve T
"We were very impressed with the presentation that was given to our sixth grade students yesterday at HC. Marcus, Nick, and Steven did a good job getting the message of NO underage drinking (or being around it) to the students. They seemed to speak from the heart which is important when dealing with the kids. Marcus was a natural speaker. Very composed and believable. He seemed to make an instant connection with the kids. Nick spoke most convincingly from the heart. Steven was firm with his words and has a 'presence' about him."
  • Mustaba A
  • Zan S
  • Michael R
"Our fifth graders really enjoyed the BUDDY presentation put on by your students today! They were engaging, informative and presented the information in a way that our students could understand.
Because our students are in the DARE program right now, they had lots of background knowledge and could really relate to the information. Lots of good dialog went on! They did a great job! Your students are welcome anytime."

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
School BHS Students Comments
  • Julissa, Fatlume, Erik
"Thank you very much for the presentations.  The students were very professional and were well prepared with the required information.  They were kind to the students and were also very knowledgeable.  All three students did a FANTASTIC job and we were happy to have them at our school."
  • Chase, Brandon, Eric
" They did a wonderful job.  I was very impressed with their knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to provide this opportunity with students.  Not only does it help with their own choices with alcohol, but also their Speech presentation and talking to people in the future. Thanks!"
  • Chase, Brandon, Eric
"They boys did an awesome job. They were able to hold their attention the entire time and paused periodically to ask if there were any questions about the topic. I liked that they had slides and movie
clips. I am so glad they were able come to my class."
  • Syed, Parth

"The boys did a fantastic job, they were very well organized and spoke to the facts about alcohol (even when the kids became off subject).  Thank you for including is, we greatly appreciate it!"
  • Parth, Jessica C, Odalys, Ruchi, Taha
"Kids did a great job today. They were articulate, organized and mature...Thanks for coming ... as we always love having your students!"

"Your students were engaging and 'take charge'.  They did not require a lot of direction from me and in fact asked right away for what they needed.  I was glad to see that their presentation began with an introduction of each student, since my kids were wondering who this group was!  I was pleased that your students continuously paused to explain and ask for questions.  As kids will, some of my kids threw out weird questions.  Your students responded calmly."

"Your students did amazing!! This is my second year at U-46 and love this presentation!"

  • Jordan, George, Liz
"Thanks again for allowing them to come. Your students were friendly and "professional". There were no "sidebar" conversations, and they smiled and encouraged the students. Our students always LOVE when they come, so thank you again for the opportunity for the interactions between both groups"

"Thank you for having the students come in - they did a great job. They were a bit nervous, but they handled themselves well and were very friendly."

  • Kiera T, Melissa M, Sam L
"Outstanding  group of young women  this year.  I have nothing but a glowing report for them.  They kept the pace and questions flowing throughout the presentation.
They all have very bright futures ahead of them based on their biographies.  Well wishes to all of them"

"The 3 girls ... did a wonderful job! They were very clear in their presentation. Their PowerPoint was well done and was able to keep the students engaged, which is always challenging. They were able to get the students to answer questions by providing an incentive of jolly ranchers. Each girl seemed prepared and did her part. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for our students."

  • Uday, Kurian
"The gentlemen who presented today were great! They didn't seem nervous at all and you could tell that they really knew what they were talking about. They were interactive with the students and very friendly. They did a great job stressing the importance of what they were teaching and then relating it to real life situations. Thanks for having this program, it is great!"
"The presentation was great. The two young gentlemen were very knowledgeable and interacted really well with the group. Thanks so much for keeping this program going."
  • Andii, Danielle
"Andii and Danielle did a great job with their presentation!  Their power point was excellent and the kids were super quiet during the ER scenes. 
We just finished the DARE program with the Bartlett police department so the kids knew some of the dangers. They were most surprised by how few kids actually drink and that too much alcohol could put you in a coma. The goggles were of course a hit!
Thanks so much for including us in the BUDDY Program!"
  • Chase, Brandon, Eric
"The boys did a nice job. They were well informed and made sure they addressed the students questions."
  • Andii, Danielle
"The girls did ... well. They delivered the information and my students were really interested in the video, they always like that part!
The girls ... did get the message across. I liked the cartoons that they had to complete at the end!!!!!!!
Thank you for sending your students to Spring Trail!"
  • Anida, Hailey, Malik, Donte
"The kids did such a great job.  Came in and knew exactly what their roles were and were very professional.  My students were engaged the whole time and asked a lot of great questions.  They were so excited to learn from the "big kids."  They loved the Dum Dums too.  Nice touch!  I don't think the presentation could have gone any better!" 


Wed., April 30, 2014
School BHS Students Comments
  • Sam G, Jon J, Luke G, Ray S, Alex I
"The presenters did very well. My class was a bit chaotic because many students had not finished MAP testing... Despite the distractions, your students were professional and thorough. Thank you for the opportunity!"
  • Ryan P, Rachel D, Kahlial W
"Thank you for sending students today to Wayne for the BUDDY program. They did a wonderful job! They were respectful and delivered the material with great maturity. It was evident that they were very prepared for their presentation today. The 5th graders were very engaged! I look forward to a visit next year. :)"
  • Karina P, Esther M

  • Michelle M, Mindy R, Courtney W
"Esther and Carina came in today to work with our children. They were articulate, kind and very considerate of the children in my class. They encouraged participation and questions and responded well. The children's attention was glued on their presentation and the clips seemed to really bring home the consequences of poor choices. Thanks so much for their efforts and yours!"

"Please thank the girls for me. They did such a wonderful job. My students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. They learned a great deal as well."

"The students reacted positively to the presentation by Michelle, Mindy and Courtney. The girl's message was clear and positive and they were able to engage the students... I would welcome other presentations in my classroom in the future."

  • Nic M, Cody L, Ben M, Taylor W
  • Elias C, Augie T, Kendra V
"The talk was excellent, your students were very open and effective communicating with my class. We appreciate your visit and hope you guys continue with the program and see you next year."
  • Kendrick W, Jet T, Garrett M, Nick D
"I wanted to let you know that my class was fully engaged in the lesson, the presenters were very enthusiastic, related well with the students and did overall an excellent job! We'd be happy to hear them again. Nice work!"

"I am a 5th grade teacher at Oakhill. Just wanted to thank you for sending your students for the BUDDY program. They were wonderful, the kids are asking if they can come back! They were funny and the kids really reacted to that."

"The presenters that were at Oakhill were wonderful. They were well rehearsed, friendly, funny, and serious all at the same time. The students stayed focused and seemed to really enjoy the presentation.Thanks for a great program..."


Wed., Nov. 13, 2013
School BHS Students Comments

  • Hassan B, Mike N, Adam J, Sohair, Fahad M
"I have to say they were the best group of students I have had for the BUDDY program. They all contributed to the discussion and had a lot of information to offer my students. My students were engaged throughout the presentation. When my students had questions, your students had appropriate answers. Thank you again for allowing them to come present to my 6th graders."



  • Yosue P, Karen V, Belester L, Abraham A
"First of all I am so thankful for the students coming and sharing their knowledge and experiences with our sixth graders. They did a wonderful job by explaining the effects of alcohol and used a variety of visuals and teaching techniques. All students were so attentive and engaged, they also encouraged my students to take notes while presenting. They were so well prepared and serious about their responsibility. I am really impressed."

"First and foremost I have been participating in this program for the past three years. Let me just say that this year was beyond awesome! The 3 gentlemen that presented carried themselves with respect and responsibility! They maintained a professional presence for students and made all 6th graders aware of the importance of the presentation. We had 49 students in this class and all students were actively engaged for the entire hour. I was most impressed when your students didn't have enough copies and improvised by asking students to work in pairs...Overall excellent job!!!"

"The seniors were excellent! They got the 6th graders's attention and were able to engage the kids to participate in the presentation. Thanks so much..."


  • Jen G, Alicia S, Alex M, Katelyn L

  • Amanda B, Katie H, Lauren R
"This was the first time I had an opportunity to hear from your students and I was very impressed! Your students were great! Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic (without being too much), talked to the kids at the appropriate level and seemed confident. Our students really enjoyed it and learned a few things too! Yay!"

"This is the first year I have had this program in my room. I always thought 6th grade was too young to hear about this "stuff". WOW, was I wrong. The girls did a phenomenal job. The students were engaged, they allowed questions, and nothing they spoke about was inappropriate. I would definitely take part in this program again."

"I was very impressed with my batch of girls: Alicia S., Alex M., Jen Gates, and Katelyn L.  We were the fourth and final presentation and I'm sure that they were "tired" of repeating, but nonetheless, they did a fantastic job. They answered questions from my students and offered personal stories of their own as well. I appreciated how slowly they spoke and read the slides so that the kids could fully comprehend what they were saying. They were mature and very professional. I could tell that my kids really enjoyed it and most importantly, I could tell that they were listening!"


  • Hassan B, Mike N, Adam J, Sohair, Fahad M
  • Michael W, Jordan B, Jake B
"As always, your kids did a great job including all of the students and encouraging their participation! I love this program. I retired 2 years ago and am filling in... so it was just as great as I remember. Jordan, Mike, and Jake were in my class and the others came in with the 'glasses'...everyone was awesome! Thanks for providing such a worthwhile program!"

"Your students, Michael and Adam, did a great job presenting to my class.  They related well to the students, and took the subject matter very seriously.  The presentation was interesting to watch, and well received by the students."


  • Maddy G, Alyssa B, Hannah S

  • Karina C, Fartun O, Lisbeth G, Valencia H
"Larry, the girls who visited my classroom did a fantastic job. They commanded my students' attention the entire time and were fully engaged throughout the duration of the presentation. Thanks for this fun, wonderful and informative opportunity for our kiddos! :)"

"The presentation was well-organized and easy to follow for my students. The material was relevant as well. Something to work on would be the volume of their voices. A couple of the girls were difficult to hear. Other than that, a great job!"

"Thanks for allowing them to come out. It was very informative. We had a little bit of technical difficulties, but they pushed through it and managed to work around it till it started working. They first introduced themselves and briefly explained what they were going to college for which was good in itself. All my students were engaged and I thought it went well. Good presentation overall. This message, in my opinion, has more meaning and depth to it when it comes from responsible teens, like the three girls who were here, rather than adults as sometimes this audience is easily influenced by the same teens. Good job to the three girls!"

  • Kaitlyn S, Jordan W

  • Maddy G, Alyssa B, Hannah S
"I believe this was the best group yet! They were prepared, confident, articulate and interacted well with the students. Their volume was appropriate they got and kept the attention of the students. was I congratulate them on a job well done (It was also fun to see Alyssa as she was in my 5th grade class)  Thank them again for me."

"The girls were great with the kids and with their presentation. It was very informative and were able to answer the kids questions. I had several teachers walking into and out of my room during their presentation and they did not skip a beat. I was impressed with their power point and how 'professional' they were in redirecting the kids attention. I would definitely give them the highest grade possible. I believe this was the best BUDDY presentation I have seen since they began coming to my room."

"The students were well-prepared. The power point presentation and discussion, as well as, the video were age-appropriate and perfectly paced. Both presenters did an excellent job! A+, A+!!!"



  • Cory H, Dakota H, Kenji, Panth
  • Mike P, Zack S, Mike M and Gabe S
"The Buddy Program went great. The High School students interacted well with the fifth graders and kept them engaged."


  • Katie G, Kristina A, Kamila N
"My students were very engaged and seemed interested in the presentation, discussion, and written work. Please thank your students for their job well done."


  • Michael W, Jordan B, Jake B
  • Katie G, Kristina A, Kamila N
  • Haley R, Steph A, Alyssa K
"The 3 girls that came to my classroom were great! They were very organized and knew what they were doing. They were also very kind and positive with my students. My students really enjoyed having them! Their info was great. The students liked the video and the glasses, too. Thanks."

"The three young ladies did an excellent job presenting. We could hear them clearly, and they took their time when speaking.
They walked the students through the video and asked questions, when appropriately timed. They displayed confidence in
presenting to an audience and were accommodating when allowing all my students to try out the googles! Thank you, again, for allowing your group to present to our 5th graders. Well done!"

"I can honestly say the 3 young men who visited our 6th grade classes this year were some of the best who've ever visited BES. They worked REALLY well together, collaborated on their presentation and division of duties, and were genuinely engaged with my students throughout their visit. They deserve an A+-100%-5.0-gold star-thumbs up-smiley face sticker. ;) Thanks for offering the program again this year!"



  • Haley R, Steph A, Alyssa K
"Professional. Organized. i have an autistic student, they helped him fill out the sheet - very kind.  They answered questions of students carefully."
"They did a great job!  My students wrote them thank you letters!"


  • Karina C, Fartun O, Lisbeth G, Valencia H
"Your students did a good job. They were prepared and seemed at ease with my students. They presented information, then asked questions of my students and were able to engage them in conversation. My students really enjoyed their video presentation and are excited about the possibility of winning at t-shirt. We had a small glitch with my Dukane projector, - it was actually one of your students who fixed the problem! My students will have DARE beginning in February, and our officer is always pleased that some of the students know about the dangers of alcohol and what it can do to you prior to DARE instruction. This is thanks to the BUDDY program. I think it's important for the students to hear this from high schoolers."


  • Cory H, Dakota H, Kenji, Panth
  • Kaitlyn S, Jordan W
  • Mike R, Andrea F, Devin J
"Your students did a fantastic job with the BUDDY program!  They were extremely confident speaking to the students.  My students were the third group yesterday, and your students were secure with the power point and materials to cover.  I could tell my students were interested in what they were teaching because they were listening quietly and participated when expected.  Job well done!"


Wed., May 1, 2013

School BHS Seniors Comments
Bartlett Elementary
  • Angie, Marissa, Jenelle, Celina
"I just wanted to let you know that the girls that presented today did a fantastic job! They really seemed to know the material. I've talked to the other 6th grade teachers and we agree that this was probably one of the best presentations we've seen. Thank you!"
  • Roberto, Efren, Michael L, Jeremy
"The kids did great for my class of 5th/6th graders.  It would have enhanced the presentation had the students been able to get the goggles... They did a good job..."

"The boys did a great job...The boys power point was great and I liked a lot of the quotes...I sure hope you have the program next year too, it was perfect for my kids."

  • Nashwa, Akshar
  • Arlette, Kirsten, Hannah, Lexie
  • Ashley, Marissa, Kaylyn, Caitlin
"Today my students had the "buddy" presentation.. ..[Your students] presented very well and were proficient in answering the students' questions...We enjoyed the program very much and look forward to future programs. I believe the video from "ER" had an impact on my students."
Laurel Hill
  • Danielle, Saba, Evelina
  • Brian, Sean, Sandra, Chantel
"The BUDDY presentation yesterday went well.  The students were informed and the powerpoint they put together was very informative and effective.  They communicated with the students well and commanded their attention.  They were very respectful of our students and overall, I think they did a great job."
  • Deisi, Julia, Diana
  • Gabi, Daniela, Cirina, Jeanne, Taylor
"I know you are looking for feedback in order to assess your kids, so I'm hoping that the opinions of 5th graders will suffice.  They said the presentation was AWESOME!  They especially liked the video, and they are excited about the contest.  The 5th graders were proud of themselves because they said they already knew a lot about the content of the presentation due to the fact that they have been working with our DARE officer ... I feel that hearing stories from high school students can sometimes have more of an impact because they relate better to someone closer to their age."
Century Oaks
  • Michael R, Kyle, Frank, Casey
"Just wanted to let you know that the guys did a great job with the sixth graders yesterday.  I think half the girls in my class have crushes on them!  Seriously, they were very polite and answered all questions intelligently.  Very nice young gentlemen.  Please thank them again for coming!" 
  • Eduardo, Frank
"Both of the students that you sent did a great job. They seemed to feel comfortable in front of the class and were knowledgeable on the subject matter. They were able to keep the conversation moving and were polite when the students wanted to share all of their stories. We would not hesitate to have your students back next year."



Wed., Dec. 5, 2012

School BHS Seniors Comments
Spring Trail
  • Alexis, Nicole, Natalee
  • Chris, Nick, Dominique
"My 5th/6th grade class absolutely loved the presentation today. They found it to be very engaging and informative. They were also very eager to participate and answer questions. Your students were very professional, friendly and knew their material well. My class really enjoyed the presentation..."

"They did a great job! The students were interested and loved the video clips that they shared. ...The girls knew their presentations slides well and were prepared. Thank you for the great job you do!"

"They did a great job. They spoke clearly and loudly enough for my students to understand. They all participated equally. They seemed well prepared to present. My students enjoyed learning from them. The message behind their program was well presented. Thank you again for allowing us to have them present in our classes at Spring Trail."

  • Chris, Nick, Dominique
"They did an excellent job. The lesson was very clear. Having videos enhanced the lesson and brought out the true meaning of the dangers. I liked the way they involved the class. They came in and handled the equipment with ease. Wow I was amazed. I had the 2 boys in class. It was exciting to see how well they did..."
Hawk Hollow
  • Chris, Nick, Dominique
  • Sergio, Sandy, Juan, Melvin, Roman
"The kids did a nice job, my class enjoyed seeing the older kids."

"The boys did a nice job They had an issue with the powerpoint (the videos wouldn't play) but the went right on and just gave the class a synopsis of the videos - very professional - They didnt miss a beat"

"I loved that they introduced themselves and told the kids what they wanted to do after BHS."

Lord's Park
  • Dominic, Tim M, Joe, Jon
  • Regina, Danielle, Courtney, Emily
"They did a nice job..."

"They did a good job. Strengths include: knowledge of content, their power point presentation was easy to follow, speech was loud and clear, and they took turns speaking. ... A very good job overall! Thank you for the presentation!"

Sycamore Trails
  • Francisco, Angel, Trent Alexandra
  • Chris, Nico
  • Dana and Jessie
  • Chris, Nico
"The 5/6 ELL class learned so much today from [your boys.] Their presentation about underage drinking was first-rate. The students greatly enjoyed the clever powerpoint, hearing about the boys' own experiences, and compelling discussion. They were very impressed with these representatives from BHS. I was inspired by their conviction, their caring, and their articulate manner of speaking. Thank you for assigning a project that directly benefits so many impressionable youth in our district. We will not soon forget this presentation."
  • Sandy, Maira, Ruddy, Paola
  • Sandy, Maira, Ruddy, Paola
  • Amanda, Carlos, Alfredo, Jessica
"I thought the young ladies who presented to our class did a nice job. They seemed knowledgeable and calm. .... Overall I think the ladies who participated did a nice job engaging students. Thanks again for offering such a great presentation."

"The students did an excellent job.  They were well prepared and gave the students ample time to participate. Only glitch was getting the video to work, but we figured that out. Thanks again.  Our students really enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot."

  • Dakota, Melissa, Payton
"They did a great job! They were very articulate and knew exactly what they were talking about. The boys and girls asked questions and your students did a great job answering them. A job well done!
Thanks again! :))"

"Your kids rocked it!"

"Your students were great! The program was very well done."

"Many thanks for a great BUDDY program put on by your students! They were polite, answered my students questions and did a super presentation.
This was a great preview of what my students will be getting in DARE in February - they are definitely more aware of the potential hazards of alcohol thanks to your students!"

  • Francisco, Angel, Trent Alexandra
  • Alexis, Nicole, Natalee
"They did a great job! They tried to get my students involved and participate (they are very shy and quiet). Their presentation was good and the students were interested...Well done overall! Thanks."
  • Annie, Katy, Kelly
  • Amanda, Carlos, Alfredo, Jessica
"The program was very informative. The girls did a great job"
"Students from the BUDDY program spoke to my students yesterday.  All of the high school students were polite and my students enjoyed their presentation.  My students also said that they learned something."
Otter Creek
  • Connor, Nicole, Alex
  • Annie, Katy, Kelly
" (The) group did really well, and my class is very vocal! I had my students write letters to the girls"
  • Jessica, Alex, Sydney, Paulina
  • Sergio, Sandy, Juan, Melvin, Roman
"Today's presentation was very informative for my students. Your students seemed very knowledgeable about the subject matter."

"They did love the goggles. The ER video clips still prove the point dramatically...The group was on time. That always makes for a great start. They also knew how to use the computer and all had pleasant personalities."

"Your students did a great job. We had a problem with our computer and video clips in the presentation would not play. The girls didn't hesitate at all they took the time to present the information from the videos to the students verbally. Nice improvisation! Thank you for sharing your program with our students. They really enjoyed it."

"The students who came to my class did well. They ... were energetic and stressed the points to my class. I have never seen the presentation before and it was interesting."

Hanover Countryside
  • Connor, Nicole, Alex
"I cleared out all the desks in my room so we could fit about 80 people in it (!!!)...The presentation was good. .. Each student was careful to include each other so that they spoke and explained equally. The students were knowledgeable, passionate and explained to the students the importance of not even starting, how to resist peer pressure and the effects of drinking on the body."

"We felt that your students did a wonderful job of giving our students some useful information in an interesting way. They were very professional and respectful of us and our students. They managed to keep things focused and on track throughout the entire program... It was a pleasure having your students give some valuable information to our students and I'm glad we were able to find a place to fit them into our schedule."

Nature Ridge
  • Alex, Collin, Brett, Kyle
  • Kevin, Kevin, Kenny, Nick
  • Kalena, Luis, Sandra, Isaiah
"The students who came to my class were well prepared, and seemed sincere in their presentation. They connected well with my students and had them engaged. It was a pleasure to have them here again this year."

"Once Again the Bartlett students did an excellent job! Hope we continue to do this next year!"

"Thanks so much for sending your students to present to my sixth grade class.  The presentation was great!  ...  They did a fantastic job!  They were professional, prepared, and enthusiastic." 

  • Kalena, Luis, Sandra, Isaiah
Our GOGGLE Group
  • Victoria,Kylie, Porsha and Josie
"The kids loved the goggles!"

"[They] came in about 10 minutes after the power point presentation was over and engaged the students with the impairment goggles. These two students were EXCELLENT at engaging the students, asking them questions and making sure all students were involved in some way.

Fox Meadow
  • Kalena, Luis, Sandra, Isaiah


Wednesday, April 4, 2012
School BHS Seniors Feedback from School
Liberty Erin M, Caeli V, Sam M, Sean K "The kids were here on time and prepared with their power point presentation.  They spoke clearly and awarded prizes to students that participated.  Our students listened attentively and raised their hands often to interact with the questions in the power point.  ....  Thanks for having them visit!"
Hilltop Emma M, Shawn W, Courtney P, Amanda M "Thank you for letting your students come to my class today for the BUDDY program.  They did a great job and the kids really enjoyed their presentation.  Your students were very well prepared, and answered the 6th graders questions with ease."
Hanover Countryside Sara W, Caitlin B, Alexis M
"Your students were wonderful!  On time. Prepared. Focused. On topic. Responsive to the kids questions/needs. My students really enjoyed the power point presentation. Thank you for offering this program.
I definitely want next year's class to be involved in the 'BUDDY' program."
Creekside Tori B, Janessa B, Nick M, Ariel F, Neil Y, Alex M, Melannie V, Ken G, Dodo S, Lexi P, Brendan E, Carlos G, Emily W, AJ B, Nick B "It  went very well. I think it's great for fifth grade student's to get perspective about these circumstances from teenagers. The fifth graders really enjoyed the interaction with the presenters, especially the goggles."
Century Oaks Angie, Landon S, Jonathan M

Stephanie B, Brenda, Silvia

Goggle guys: Jose M, Ed J, Ricardo I, Joey S, Dean H,, Austin K

       "Everything went very well.  The goggles that simulate drunkenness really made an impression on the kids.  They thought it was funny, but the older kids got them to think about what it would be like to drive in that condition.  It prompted a meaningful dialog.  Your students were polite and funny, but they were also stern enough to impact the seriousness of the message. 
     I talked to my partner ..., and he said  it went well in his room as well.  He said they had a little trouble getting the power point set up, but once they figured that out, it was all good.  He said his boys were a little distracted because they were rather, ah, enamored of the high school girls, and that the girls were very patient and understanding about that.  Evidently, some of his boys actually asked for hugs!  
    So all in all, it was a positive experience.  I think the message to stay away from drugs and alcohol is so much more meaningful when it comes from someone a little closer to their own age.  Your high schoolers did a great job getting the message across.
      Thanks so much!" 
Nature Ridge Ravine N, Katie L, Vidhi P,  Sam L, Rodolfo G, Ashley M, Fabi F, Ricardo R, Vanessa A, Andy V, Sammy D, Stacey K, Sarah K, Kristen R, MaryJo B  
Huff Matt W., Giacomo V, Lisa P. "Their presentation was great! ...  This group kept the students' interest and they spoke loud enough for everyone to hear them. Thank you for letting them visit our class."
Glenbrook   "Thank you.  Great job!"
Hillcrest Erin M, Caeli V, Sam M, Sean K "Thank you very much for bringing the Buddy Program to my 6th grade classroom to help them understand the importance and the consequences of making decisions about drinking. The HS students were on time and helped with the computer, which at the beginning didn't give us access. They were well prepared with all their materials and got my students' interest from the beginning, especially with the 'walk using the special goggles'. They had so much fun with this!"
Garfield Joey A, Kyle J, Dan W, Marcus A, Erik H

Rosa, Jesus, C, Jenny C, Sam C

Nick A, Anthony R, Mark P



Friday, Nov. 4, 2011

School BHS Seniors Feedback from School
Hawk Hollow
  • Emily, Missy S. Taylor C., Holly P.
  • Olivia, Kristin N. Katie Ga., Jen P
"It was a good presentation! ... All in all, they did a great job; my kids loved having them. The boys were terrific. They let the children try the glasses on, but were careful to not let them get "too silly"; they handled it in a manner beyond their years. Well done. I look forward to having them present to us next year!"

 I really do enjoy having your kids come in every year...All...went fine and they kept the kids engaged during their entire presentation. They answered a lot of tough questions and handled themselves well."

"The girls that came to my class today did a great job. We had some technical difficulty at first, I was very impressed with them as they continued on while I went for a new lap top..."

"Your Buddy kids related well to the students - Our 5th graders JUST finished DARE so they knew facts and figures quite well... 











  • Joey J., Sky, Aaron S., Denis K.
"They held the student's interest and answered questions with good information...it was a success!"
  • Jennifer P, Sarah H, Sabrina G
"On behalf of the sixth grade teachers at Oakhill, we want to thank you and the three high school girls that came last week to do the Buddy presentation for us. It was a very powerful message that was shared by the three young ladies who came here: that drinking and driving don't mix! In my bilingual class, my students were really keen on completing the cartoons about why drinking is a bad choice and asked me how to spell different words they wanted to use, like alcoholic and ruined, as in my life will be ruined if I drink and drive! I am hopeful that the information they shared will discourage our students from drinking and driving when they are older!"

"The BHS presenters did an excellent job. The students were engaged and learning. The information was informative and geared at their level."

  • Dominique D. Becca P., Megan DiCianni, Karolina S., Tai To
  • Megan Da, Meaghan, Daniel G, Kyle M, Brett R
"...the presentation had good information..."
"All group members conducted themselves in a very professional manner and I was surprised to hear that it was the first time they had made the presentation.  Your students held the attention of my class and my students were responsive to the information your class had to share... 
Thanks for sending your students to educate my class.  I wish them all the best of luck in the future."
Bartlett Elementary
  • Kait S, Kait M
  • Kevin J, TJ Romack, Katy Z.
  • James C,
    Chris W, Jake H., Anthony Y
  • Robert S, Tyler L., Meghan Sol, Sarah R
  • Shelly H., Nick Wal., Steph K

"Thanks again for including BES on your list of schools to visit! We are happy to give your students an audience! :) ...  There was an issue with the laptop so I had them use my TVator and computer and suggested the boys take the laptop and projector cart to the next room they were visiting to get set up. The presentation was fine and the clips of video...were the talk of the lunch recess. As always, the goggles were fun for the kids!"

  • Kajil A, Amreen G, Roshni T.
  • Marcus, Katy P, Lauren A, Yoseline T
  • Lily T, Kelia, Carinna N
  • Blanca C, Adam J, Daisy R,, Sandy
  • Aspen, Heidi, Francia, Art
  • Kassie A., Andrea B., Maria M.
"The group was very enthusiastic and shared real-life hardships they have had from others' decisions concerning alcohol. My students were very responsive to talking to "real" high schoolers about it, and the high schoolers answered questions well and with integrity.
Thanks for your investment in your high schoolers as well as our elementary students!"

"Today the young ladies who presented against alcohol were great. The children were engaged and seemed to enjoy the presentation. The presenters brought a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. They also shared a lot from their own backgrounds. I felt the children were very comfortable with the presenters. I really liked the way they interacted with the children. It was a lot of fun for them--the way learning should be"

Spring Trail
  • Jake H., Katy Gz., Gina N.
  • Nick Wan., Ryan T., Nick Modug., Scott S., Justin B
"I asked multiple teachers how they feel the presentations went.  I received all positive feedback.  The only glitch was a few technical difficulties with some of the videos in their presentations.  They did a great job!..." 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School BHS Seniors Feedback from School
Sheridan Dan G, Carl R, Chris V. "Your presenters did very well with their presentations.  They all participated in the presentation.  They answered students' questions and demonstrated their knowledge of the topic at hand.  They interacted well with the students.  I really enjoyed the presentation as did the students.  Thank you once again and keep up the good work..."
Laurel Hill Gabbie R.,
Kelsey G.
"...the presentation went over incredibly well!  ...Kelsey and Gabriella presented with expertise and clear voices...It was engaging, entertaining...[they were] prepared."
Wayne Danny L., Adam G., Ammiel A., Amanda M., Sara N. "Your students presented to my class today. [They] did a fantastic job... My students were excited to get candy for answering questions! They are excited and anxious to find out who wins the T-shirt. The interaction between the speakers and my students was great. My students were really interested in what they had to say and had some really good questions. Thanks!"
Lord's Park Dustin L., Tyler H., Sam A., Pat A., Oscar E.  
Creekside Aerianne L., Sridivya T., Alina P., Nicole W.  
Otter Creek Vic O., Julian C., Itzel S., Ben J. "...thiis was truly the best. My classroom was so quiet and interested, it was amazing.......I had them write letters of appreciation, which I will send to you, along with their cartoons. I think your students will be surprised at the impact they made on my sixth grade class...Thanks again!"
Huff Saleha A., Sabaa A., SanJuana G., Emily W. "I was very impressed with the presenters, they did a great job! I told them they should consider becoming teachers, they looked more like student teachers than high school kids. Congratulations, great content, excellent presenters, great motivators, perfect class management."

"They were great. They were always thinking of their audience. The content was super."

"... how wonderful I thought they were! They were well prepared, knew their materials. and made it interesting for the students! They were also very poised as they presented their materials. I was really impressed with all of them. I thought they were just phenomenal.

"...phenomenal! You should be very proud of these students.".

Fox Meadow Mike N., Ben V., Andrew W.  
Lowrie Kayla B., Brett B., Danny L., Adam G, Ammiel "Your students were flexible...and the presentations went well."
Hillcrest Aneliese C., Faby S. "Thank you for sending out the students today for the BUDDY Program. They did a very nice presentation for our 6th grade students. I appreciate the time and effort that it takes to make a program like this work."
Nature Ridge Ryan W., Danny M., Adrian P., Ryan O.
Dustin L., Tyler H., Sam A., Pat A., Oscar E.
"The presentation today was fantastic and very well organized! We enjoyed this and feel it was well received by our student body...Thanks for your time and again, please tell your students we appreciate all their hard work and effort today-JOB WELL DONE!!!!"

"...they were prepared and did a very good job. Thanks, For letting us be a part of this."


Wednesday December 1, 2010

U-46 School BHS Seniors Feedback from school...
  • Parkwood
  • Kristina P, Priscilla A, Karen A., Sandra S., Martin P., Jesus Avina, Eric A., Jose O.
"I just wanted to let you know that the girls who presented in my classroom did an outstanding job yesterday.  My students would like to send thank-you notes to them...."
"...All of your students were extremely polite and kind.  They were all very compliant with signing in and taking a visitor pass...They were all very intelligent and truly showed a passion for what they were doing.  Two of the girls needed extra copies of the activity sheet that they were doing and were very polite asking and thanked me afterwards.  Overall, I think you have a great bunch of kids who are very enthusiastic and passionate about what they are presenting.  Hope this program can continue for many more years. Thanks for sending them to our school."
  • Sunnydale
  • Melissa L., Brittany K., Tyler F., Apoorva M., Robert S., Young L., Liz s.
"I really appreciate you sending students out to talk to our kids. I think they really listen to them. I ... am impressed by their professionalism while they are in front of our students. They seem to take it very seriously...Thanks again for the opportunity!! Overall, I really enjoy this presentation..."
  • Bartlett Elementary
  • Alicia Z., Annie V., Ruby P., Robin S., Megan M., Stephanie C., Becca H., Nick F.
"The Civics students who presented to my class did a nice job.  The PowerPoint presentation was a great aid for them and helped guide them through the key points. Thanks for sharing them with us!...They were well received by our students."
  • Hilltop
  • Hannah D., Laura W., Taylor D., Tanya R., Patricia D.
"The program was great!  The girls did an excellent job...I think the presentation was good and I would definitely do it again next year!

"They did an AMAZING JOB and were VERY professional! I would love to have BHS students back again for that anytime!! JUST AWESOME!!The 5th grade students loved it as well! :)"

"The message was good, they covered the legal issues and health issues involving alcohol and underage drinking.  It was obvious that they put a lot of work into the power point.  Their technological skills were impressive.  They were confident and friendly with the kids."

  • Sycamore Trails
  • Alyssa S., Kailey S., Kaitlin P., Alli M., Melissa M., Natalie F., Nikki A.
"Your presenters were GREAT! ... They did a very thorough job and they were good speakers in front of 50+ students. The slide show (not to mention the candy incentives) was a hit, too.
I really think this program is worthwhile, both for the students and for the high school presenters...Thank you for sharing your students ~ and program ~ with us!"

"They did a fantastic job. All...took part, their interactions with the students were appropriate and involved my students. They had the attention of the students and kept it throughout the presentation...."

"My group of 5th graders really enjoyed your students.  The ladies did a very nice job and were kind and respectful to my class.
I give them high marks. Thanks for doing this." 
  • Hanover Countryside
  • Ruben R., Carlos G., Michelle J., Celene S.
  • Oakhill
  • Sean C., Ophelia S., Josh M., Arjun P.
"I thought the BHS students at Oakhill did a wonderful job. The were very sincere with their message and down to earth with the students. Way to go! The power point was very well put together and the cartoon competition was a winner!"
  • Hawk Hollow
  • Bri S., Maria W.
The girls that came did a great job with our students.  They gave 3 presentations to 4 classrooms and each time, acted professionally and were respectful to students and adults alike.  The kids hung on their every word and we loved how they used video clips to illustrate their points.  The end of the hour activity forced our students to be creative and it was interesting to see their ideas. Thank you for keeping this program alive.
  • Horizon
  • Joe R., Jillian F.
"The presentations were good.  It is obvious a lot of time was taken to put together the power points.  [They] did a great job."

"The students did a nice job of informing the sixth graders of underage drinking.  My students were engaged during the presentation."

  • Ontarioville
  • Ruben, Carlos, Michelle, Celene, Sandra, Martin, Jesus, Eric, Jose
"The students did a really nice job with the kids at our school. The presentation was very informative and they engaged the students in their presentation.  They were very knowledgeable about the topic that they were presenting...Overall it was great and I think the kids learned a lot."
  • Century Oaks
  • Alicia, Annie, Ruby, Robin, Megan, Alyssa S, Kailey, Kaitlin, Alli M.
"They were great, as usual...they were so polite and patient... I think my students really enjoyed the program and took a great deal away with them.  I think it's great for them to hear these things from high-school-aged kids.  Great job!!  Thank you!"
  • Our Goggle Team
  • Nick C., Sam S., Steve D., Justin J., Roy S., Jake B., Vince R., Maria M.
"The goggles were a big hit!"


Wednesday April 14, 2010

U-46 Middle School BHS Seniors Feedback from school...
  • Ellis
  • Mitch, Greg
  • Lindsey, Alyssa
  • Inez, Ellie, Diosa, Gaby, Elizabeth
  • Kristen, Nicole, Sam, Joe
  • Allyse, Rachel, Jessica
  • Luke, Tom A.
  • Jon, Mike, Alex
  • Rob, Wes
  • Erika, Syed
From teachers:

"I thought the two BUDDY presenters who presented to my class did very well.  They were able to create a connection with the middle school students and presented the material effectively. Also, the robot video they included at the end of their presentation was a hit!..."

"I thought my students enjoyed having high school students talk to them about alcohol.  They especially liked the goggles.  I had two girls in my room that did a nice job...   The videos in the power point were also good, but they were somewhat dark, so the students had a hard time seeing them.  I think it is definitely a worth while program."

  • Eastview
  • Sean, AJ, Samie
  • Tabitha, Stephanie, Jasmine, Rachel
  • Alexandra, Lizzie
  • Emilie, Sana, Dominika
From students at Eastview:

They were good people and very entertaining.............. 

Several students that tried on the goggles like that demonstration........ 
They had good facts and knew what they were talking about....... 
People who shared were very nice and got their point across....... 
It showed me how bad it can be if you start drinking too young........... 
The slide show was very cool...... 
I learned new things..... 
I liked the way they showed videos as examples.......
  • Abbott
  • Nick, Trace, Gina
  • Noorain, Sumera
From a reporter who covered the event:

"I observed one BUDDY presentation and your students did very well! They were engaged  with the students and the feedback was very positive from many of the 8th graders...."

Tuesday November 17, 2009
U-46 School BHS Seniors Feedback from School
Bartlett Elementary
  • Noorain, Sumera, Daisy, Jessica
  • Erin, Monica, Sam
  • Paige, Brittani, Ula, Kelsey, Alex
"Thank you for a great presentation yesterday from your students!  Our class was able to relate to their older peers, as they were able to present the information in a student-friendly manner.  Thank you, again."

"Hi!  We talked about the presentation this morning.  The kids really liked having high school kids come and talk to them.  They liked the videos in the power point.  The kids did a good job.  I enjoyed seeing Kelsey as I had her in fourth grade!"

"The BUDDY high school students did a great job. I thought their power point presentation was much better than past presentations. The "drunk goggles" are always a hit! Of course, they all wanted to be "the chosen ones." This was a great follow-up to our D.A.R.E. program...the 5th graders just graduated D.A.R.E. on Nov. 6. Having the same message come from high school students was very impressive. Thank you..."
  • Bre, Kelsey
"The HS students were able to grasp and hold the attention of the students. They were enthusiastic and motivating during their presentation...Thank you for making it possible to bring this to my 5th and 6th grade students!"
  • Zach, Matt, Alex
"Great program. I would love to participate again next year! ... All three students participated and spoke. They were engaging and allowed students to ask and answer questions. Great job leading the discussion and explaining vocabulary that the students did not understand. Excellent work!"
Sycamore Trails
  • Alyssa, Tony, Mod, Bre
"The kids just left my class and did an excellent job! They were informative, enthusiastic, and were able to get the class to participate. The graphics were fun and engaging to their presentation. We enjoyed filling out the comics and liked the graduation certificate. Thanks for involving us in your BUDDY program!"

"Your kids did very well today!  They were clear, involved my students, and were enthusiastic with their delivery...Thanks for doing this for us."

"...the High Schoolers did a very nice job. They were personable with my students, complimented them for good answers, and were patient. I give them kudos and high marks. Thanks again for the timely presentation (we had our last DARE class 5 minutes before your kids arrived)..."

Otter Creek
  • Sabrina, Sena
"The girls really did a nice job. They seemed nervous at first and started giggling, but then finished the presentation very well..Thanks, I think my students truly enjoyed it! :)"
  • Noorain, Sumera, Daisy, Jessica
  • Gracie, Eduardo, Fabi
"First, thank you for having created this activity. I think it is a very good way of making the adolescents get involved in community service, and a great way for them to prepare for challenges in their academic life...Your students were friendly and professional....We got very excited about the Response/T-shirt Contest. I know my students can be "very funny" sometimes, I hope they showed it this time that was needed.....I think that my students got the idea of the causes and effects of alcohol in somebody's life. We took some time to talk about it. I hope they really understood it and kept it in their hearts so that they can remember it when they face the situation...Again, it was great to have your students here. Keep up doing the great work!!! Keep us posted!"

"...my students enjoyed the presentation with your students very much. They were very eager to hear the presentation and the girls were able to keep their attention throughout the presentation. My kids especially loved the activity where they wore the goggles and experienced what it was like to be drunk. I asked a few questions that I would encourage your students to ask in the future -- Since not all students got to experience the goggles, I asked those kids who had experienced it to explain what it was like, and then encouraged a discussion on the effects of alcohol and how it affects a person's brain. ...I loved the idea of high school students coming and letting these younger students know that not everyone drinks alcohol, and serving as role models for the younger kids. Your students are able to get that message across far better than we teachers can, because they are the ones our kids look up to and want to be like. I had a parent visiting my classroom today for National Education Week today, and I know he was also very impressed with your students' presentation. He asked the girls some questions about the program which they answered very well, and he was very happy to see his son receiving the message they brought today. Thank you for sending your students to Hillcrest to speak with our kids. I think they brought a valuable message to our 5th and 6th graders."

  • Dave, Alex
"Just so you know the boys that came in...did really well.  They taught 3 classes and they were very personable and polite.  Overall, 80 6th graders were presented to and the kids seemed to understand and follow the powerpoint presentation.  I appreciate your efforts and know that it is great for the students of Heritage to hear straight from the older youth that the decisions they make change lives. Thanks again..."
Hanover Countryside
  • Stephanie, Anayeli, Ellen
"Thank you so much for sending the girls. They were authentic in their presentation and the kids were very attentive. They did a great job!"
  • Lisa, Mike, Alex, Joanne
"The students seemed very well organized and prepared.  My class was the first presentation of the day.  When they began presenting, I jumped in a few times to help explain some of the terminology used.  After I did your students picked up on it right away and began to explain some of the challenging words on their own.  My students were very interested in the presentation.  After the high school students left, I asked my students which part of the presentation had the most impact.  Many of them commented on the videos that were in the power point.  Many specifically commented on the ER video and how they didn't realize the impact drinking could have on the person not at the party.  This was a nice way to reemphasize the things my students are currently learning in DARE.  Thanks for sharing your students with us."

"My students found the presentation engaging.  The sixth graders enjoyed being able to share and think about information they learned in DARE last year.  My fifth graders like the fact it reinforced everything they are learning currently in DARE!  The BHS students had an easygoing style of presentation that engaged the elementary school students and informed while entertaining, making learning fun.  I really enjoyed watching my students while they answered questions and the fact they felt empowered to end peer pressure!  Every seed we plant now will hopefully pay off in the years to come! Thank you and your students, they were great!"
  • Erin, Monica
  • Stephanie, Ellen, Anayeli
"First and foremost thank you for including us in this presentation. Your girls did a great job. They were a little nervous to begin with which is understandable. I thought that they stressed the importance of early drinking and really engaged our students in actively participating. ... Overall great job!!!"

"They did great.. I also think my kids are dealing with these issues...The girls did a great job, they used voice and kept the kids attention.

Wed. April 1, 2009

U-46 Elementary School Seniors Presenting Feedback from school
Creekside Brittany, Paige, Julia, Vicky, Anthony From a teacher:
"I personally viewed the presentation of Vickie and Anthony at Creekside and it was very engaging as Vickie was excellent at
involving the students...  I would grade them a 4-Star presentation.  The other three presenters were rated equally as effective by my teachers that attended...Thanks to you and your students for your efforts and message."
Wayne Julie, Jeremy, Jackie From a teacher: 'The students did a nice job on the presentation. They were considerate and respectful.  They also showed knowledge on their topic."

Another teacher: "They definitely seemed like good kids, and my class enjoyed it."

McKinley Nilo, Tim, Ryan  
Hillcrest Brian, Jeff Thanks for sending Brian and Jeff to my class.  We were not able to participate in DARE this year...much of what the guys covered was right from the DARE lessons...the young men came ready for questions...all in all it was a good experience...
Sunnydale Jamille, Derek, Meera, Roma From a teacher: "I had two of your students in my classroom for the buddy program. I think they did a very good job. I was mostly impressed with their professionalism. They were good examples of maturity for the younger students. The students enjoyed it and were able to share with me new information they learned after the presentation."
Ontarioville Raven, Liz, Isamar, Sonia, Shruti, Bijal, Sonam Teacher: "I wanted to thank you for sending the 3 girls that came to my room today. They did an amazing job! The students gained a lot of valuable information from all of them."

Another teacher: "The three ladies that conducted our presentation did a GREAT job!  Their power point was filled with things to keep the students' attention.  Thank you so much and please tell the ladies thank you as well!"

Another teacher: "Thank you for sending the students to our school for the BUDDY presentation. Raven, Isamar, Elizabeth, and Sonia did a fantastic job with the presentation. They presented the information in an interesting and age-appropriate way. It is always so nice to see our former Ontarioville students who have continued to do well in school."

Another teacher: "Thank you so much for sending us such a wonderful group of seniors for the BUDDY Program. The girls were so professional getting our students engaged. Please let them know that they are a fabulous group, and they did a terrific job!"

Heritage Trace, Ryan From a teacher: "Trace and Ryan were awesome!  They presented a very nice program and my students responded well.  ...  Thank you from all of the teachers here at Heritage and commend the boys for a job well done!"

From the principal: "I wanted to thank you for having such a great program the two young men that came to Heritage Elementary were fantastic!  They were at the school early, introduced themselves to the office staff and the teachers after they left were thrilled. They couldn't believe how wonderful the presentation was and how polite the students were. Thank you so much for allowing us to have this opportunity it was great for our students."

Otter Creek Alex, Sean, Jeff From a teacher: "I think the three gentlemen we had for presenters did an excellent job with all 3 groups! The sixth graders really enjoyed it! Thank you!"
Ridge Circle Lauren, Rachael, Michelle, Julia S. From a teacher: "What a professional  presentation!  Our students were very "tuned-in" to the manner with which the "BUDDY" group shared such important info. They were able to relate to the students and provide interactive activities in a relaxed, yet controlled manner.  Thank you, great job!"         

From another teacher: "The girls were great. They were very knowledgeable and really got the students involved. You could tell they were nervous, but that didn't stop them from giving an excellent performance. Thanks to you and the girls for a job well done."   

Prairieview Ashley, Alyssa, Rachel, Aaron "The students were very well organized...They held the students attention, and they had all the students under control which is a biggie for high school students."
Century Oaks Laura, Ashley S, Joanna From a teacher: "I just wanted to let you know that the presentation your students gave to my class was just excellent.  I think it means more when sixth graders hear messages like that from high school kids.  They did a very nice job.  Thanks so much."
From another teacher: "I had three of your students come into my classroom to talk about choosing to stay away from alcohol.  I felt that they were prepared for their presentation and really got their message across effectively.  My students were interested in what your students had to say.   I also think that the buddy program is really effective because my young students could relate to the Bartlett High students.  Their message was clear and they were organized as a team.  Thank you so much for allowing them to come, I really appreciate the great effort!
Huff Lindsey, Sal, Ricardo, Heather & Heather From the Principal:  "Thank you Larry!  ... I have heard great things!"

From a teacher: "I am a sixth grade teacher at Huff.  Although my students were very quiet and didn't offer answers when asked, they did talk about the presentation back in our classroom.  Some were thinking ahead and talked about how they would never drink or people they know that drink and they would never be like that.  The picture of the man who had been in an accident hit home for some and that image may be the thing that remains with them.  Thanks to the students.  Keep on bringing the issues to our kids!"

From another teacher: "Dear Mr. Pahl, The students loved the presentation!They were very engrossed in the topic.  When we returned to class the students stated that they would never choose to drink alcohol, let alone drink and drive.  Many students did not realize you could be arrested for drinking and driving.
I thought the presenters did an excellent job.  They seemed a little nervous at first, but got over it quickly.  The 6th graders were interactive with your students and enjoyed filling out the cartoon worksheet.  I think they also could relate to the cartoon that was displayed.   Please thank them for coming!" 
Oak Hill Mark Lavine
From a teacher: "Mark was great! I couldn't have done what he did in high school. I was impressed!...prepared and friendly...I feel the presentation was effective and the message important. Please thank your students once again for me and the sixth grade students at Oakhill School."
Parkwood Nancy, Jessica, Dante, Fernando, Kyle, Ryan From a teacher: "Thank you for sending the Buddy presenters to my class. They were very professional as they delivered their presentation and seemed to be quite confident."
Coleman Kathleen and Tulsi From a teacher: "They were very professional and prepared, and I was impressed with their poise. I know it can't be easy to present at their age, and have the teacher watching them! My students were interested and engaged."

Wed. and Thurs., April 23 and 24, 2008                      See feedback from previous years...

Elementary School Students Feedback from School
Wayne Elementary Emily-Paige I am a 6th grade teacher at Wayne Elementary. I was writing to confirm that your students... did come to my classroom this morning for about an hour to discuss Underage Drinking with the students. They did a wonderful job and the students really were able to come away with some great information.
Prairieview Elementary Sammy-Andrea-Jose
Your students...did a wonderful job. The 5th grade students were engaged. They had the students under control. Your students spoke clearly and they were very well prepared. There was even interaction between them and our students. You should be proud of them. Your students can come into my room anytime if they are like these students.
Sycamore Trails Jeremy-Ryan-Scott



I was one of the teachers that observed the presentation of the BUDDY Program today. The kids did a great job and made it fun. I especially liked when they had the students create their own comics so that they could figure out what they would say in a similar situation. I think the program is good and sends a great message. Thanks.
Centennial Jon-Alexis-Anthony-John

Wed, Dec. 5, 2007:                               

Elementary School Time Students Feedback from the School
Lord's Park 9am Ashley, David, Joe, Kevin, Nicole, Kilian, Gino, Mario, Danny, Eric, David "I thought it was a valuable presentation for the students, especially because it was given by high school students and not adults. The presentation was easy to follow and well-organized. ... Terrific presentation!"

"What a great Civics project--your students did very well in my class...and a true belief in what they were saying."

Timber Trails 9am Stephan, Ryan J, Ryan H, Chris, Peter A, Peter M, Austin "...they did an excellent job...the PowerPoint presentation was clear and entertaining. I think the students really looked up to these presenters and learned a lot from them."
Parkwood 9am Kathryn, Christina T, Christina M, Bryan, Ashley, Dan, Ariana, Greg, Bobby "I wanted to commend your students on such a fantastic BUDDY presentation!  They were thoroughly informed about the material and they kept our fifth and sixth graders extremely amused during their presentation.  Our students learned so much and they were very receptive to the new information...Once again, thank you for the presentation and congratulations to you and your students!"
Otter Creek 9am Katelyn, Katy, Michelle  
Ontarioville 9am Aneta, Denise, Pat, Sean, Matt, Mireya, Lucia "The BUDDY presentations were excellent. The students were very well prepared and the material presented was appropriate for 6th graders. The high school students looked and acted professional. The sixth graders really enjoy having the high school student come to our school. I hope that this program continues.
Thanks for coming to Ontarioville!"
Glenbrook 12:45pm Joe, Anooja, Megan, Katy, Katelyn, Michelle "The students all enjoyed the presentations very much. The teachers felt that the kids did a very good job..."
Bartlett 12:45pm Kristina, Joanna, Chad, Mike, Lacy, Chris, Mike F, Daiskuke, Aneta, Denise, Pat, Sean, Matt, Kathryn, Christina, Christina M, Bryant "The students did a nice job!"
McKinley 12:45pm David, Ari, Tierra, Davida, DelRa, Stephan, Ryan, Ryan H, Chris "The presentations went well...The students did a fine job."
Schools where we have held TEACH-INs...
School - 5th and 6th grade classes Date Students Presenting
Wayne Elementary 4-6-06 Elaine, Jessie, Michele, Theresa
Clinton Elementary 4-7-06 Nadir-Chris, Katie-Melissa
Century Oaks Elementary 4-7-06 Kelly-Jenni, Nina-Jackie, Justin-Matt
Bartlett Elementary 4-7-06 Chris-Joey, Erica-Alpharis, Kristen-Eric
Lord's Park Elementary 4-7-06 Hazel-Betty
Hawk Hollow Elementary 4-10-06 Jenni-Kelly, Sean-Megan-Chelsea
Horizon Elementary 4-13-06 Natasha-Leigh
Clinton Elementary 4-13-06 James-Jasper
Spring Trail Elementary 4-13-06 Matt-Kelli, Wendy-Lisa, Kristin-Bryan
Glenbrook Elementary 4-13-06 Ashley-Nicole, Nilam-Purvi-Samantha
Sunnydale Elementary 4-13-06 Marie-Andrea-Anna
Creekside Elementary 4-13-06 Stef-Kenji-Lele, Melissa-Katie, Scott-Hilary, Chris-Nadir
Clinton Elementary 4-19-06 Chris - Nadir
Centennial Elementary 4-19-06 Kelly - Jenni
Oakhill Elementary 4-21-06 Chris - Nadir, James - Jasper, Erica - Alpharis, Kenji - Stef -Lele
Laurel Hill Elementary 4-21-06 Wendy - Betty, Katie - Melissa, Maria - Andrea - Ana, Kristen - Eric
Sycamore Trails Elementary 4-21-06 Brian - Lisa - Kelly, Dana - Ashley, Scott - Hilary, Emily - Tammie, Zac - Leah - Ali - Alyse - Bri
Glenbrook Elementary 4-21-06 Terence - Paul, Nilam - Purvi - Samantha
Dirksen Elementary, District #54 4-21-06 Vania - Monica
Ridge Circle Elementary 4-21-06 Emily - Beth

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